• Pharmaceutical and medical products distribution in India is highly fragmented and unorganized with over 60,000 direct as well as indirect distributors of pharmaceutical products present in the country.
  • In this highly fragmented market Entero Healthcare is aspire to be the largest, organized and most preferred supply chain partner in India for each stakeholder along the entire healthcare supply chain: Product Marketers or brand owners, Retail pharmacies, Hospitals, Dispensing doctors & clinics and Diagnostic centers.
  • With its scale and strong financial backing Entero is able to invest in technology, infrastructure, talent that brings unique and differentiated value proposition for both customers and principal companies.

Our Purpose

To be recognized as one of the premier supply-chain organizations in healthcare

Drive innovative solutions for real and sticky problems in supply chain

Create tangible value for our partners by offering strategic proposition

Adopt internationally recognized best practices in supply chain

Our Values

At Entero, the way of doing business is just as important as the business itself. Our employees understand the responsibility and shares the common goal of serving the healthcare ecosystem in an ethical, complaint and transparent way. We strongly believe in the following pillars to our road to success:


Adhering to ethical principles is at the core of our decision-making process. The focus here is always on the greater good for all our stakeholders


We at Entero are individually responsible towards fulfillment of our promises made to customers and suppliers

Customer first

Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and we believe our success is derived from their success


Trust gained through transparent practices, policies and interactions forms the bedrock of our business


We always aim higher value creation for our customers and principal companies - constantly finding new ways to innovate and improve


Entero is obligated to follow extremely high standards of compliance with all the relevant applicable laws of the land

As a one stop shop, we offer significant advantages for each
stakeholder along the entire healthcare supply chain.
Healthcare Product Marketers
  • Distribution channel partner offering PAN India access
  • Access to 50,000+ Retail Pharmacies and 2,500+ Hospitals in India
  • Control over near expiry products
  • Adherence to Good Distribution Practices
  • Zero leakage of discounted products to other channels
Retail Pharmacies & Hospitals
  • Fulfilling the entire purchase requirement – Pharma, Medical devices and Consumables
  • Transparency around offers and schemes from pharma companies
  • Efficient claim settlement process
  • Technology integration to bring higher efficiency & productivity


Our extensive distribution infrastructure, our adherence to quality standards and our integrated service offering makes us the perfect partner for pharmaceutical companies looking to establish and expand their business presence in India.

Pan India
Strong Customer
Integrated cutting
edge technology