High coverage of pharmaceutical companies

You don't need to work with multiple distributors to maintain your range. Entero Healthcare offers most of pharma companies & products under one roof. Improve your prescription fulfilment by engaging with Entero Healthcare right away!


Entero healthcare ensures high inventory availability and provides you digital visibility of inventory in real-time helping you manage your procurement efficiently. No last minute surprises anymore!


Entero healthcare ensures timely delivery and efficient tracking of your orders. No need to keep waiting !

Transparency on offers from pharmaceutical companies

Entero healthcare passes all pharma bonus schemes & promotional offers to our chemists & retailers. We are fair & transparent !

Efficient claim

Entero healthcare provides smoother & faster claim settlements for your order returns

Technology to help you on the go

Track Entero healthcare's inventory & place orders on the go with Entero mobile application - Entero Direct. You can also review your ledger, payment due dates and make payments online

Technology for in-house efficiency

Entero healthcare's warehouse have state-of-art inventory management & order fulfilment solutions to ensure high precision & speed in order management.


Maruthi Medicals , Bengaluru

One of the fastest delivery Service & complete Product Portfolio at RSM - Entero

Janhavi Medicals, Bengaluru

Very efficient delivery system and customer centric supplier RSM - Entero

INNA Medicals & General Stores, Mumbai

They deliver on time and three times daily, very efficient delivery process compared to other distributors

Deepak Medical Store, Mumbai

Having very good product portfolio which has further improved recently


Multiple Location Advantage

Entero Healthcare's pan-India presence provides backend support across locations. Hospitals can maintain standardization across all their premise.

Savings on working capital

Entero maintains ample inventory that will free your funds & space.


Invest in integrating your HMS system with Entero technology to automate order management & fulfilment. Track Entero healthcare's inventory & place orders on the go!

Efficient claim

Entero healthcare provides smoother & faster claim settlements for your order returns.


What is HBG (Hospital Buyers Group)?

Hospital Buyers Group consolidates the purchase volume from single independent individual entities of Healthcare industry i.e Hospitals,Nursing home & Pharmacies to leverage better discounts from manufacturer to our customers.
Hospital Buyers Group offers various value added services like frequent product servicing, consultation on specific healthcare projects.
The combination of "large & complete basket of products" along with "Value added Services" offered by Entero HBG (Hospital Buyer's Group) allows the Hospitals to be more efficient, save costs & time.

What Are The Benefits Of Entero HBG ?

Inventory Management-State of the art infrastructure facilities

At Entero HBG allows you to streamline your inventory while ensuring critical products be available when patients & hospitals need them. It gives real time status, updates on inventory control and utilization tracking

Savings on Annual volume commitments

The combination of our HBG (Hospital Buyers Group) contracts and our coalition’s business model has allowed us to leverage the collective, committed volume of our members, driving some of the lowest prices in the industry

Best brands under one roof

Customers have the choice to choose the best Brands of their choice from different product categories

Complete basket of products

Entero HBG can be single point of purchase for our customers, offering wide range of products (Surgical disposables & consumables, Medical devices, Capital equipment & Pharmaceutical products) along with other value added services fulfilling all their healthcare needs

Full regulatory/ Govt compliance

All our operations and value added services are in fully compliance with Indian government laws

Ease of doing business

Single point of contact for all your business purchase & payment transactions, a form of superior vendor management programme in healthcare industry. No need to deal with multiple vendors/ buyers

Dedicated sales & Support team

Entero HBG dedicated sales and support team (Customer care/Call centre) will be at your disposal for product support and emergency supplies

Pharmacy & Rx supplies

Entero HBG takes care of all medical supplies including Pharma Rx supplies as well making it only true one stop solution in all Healthcare verticals

Data Transparency

Fully technology driven platforms to automate our processes brings transparency in operations for our partners and valued customers

Why Entero HBG ?

Access to best brands from all over the world.

Latest & new Medical technology / updates launched faster across India.

Cost effective to make healthcare services more affordable for common people.

Free Inventory management tools: Inventory control brings cost reduction in manpower and management to your operations and transparency.

Product aggregation allows better deals.

Superior vendor management helps you to dedicate more time in people well being.

Only true one stop solution which can offer both medical consumables and Pharma Rx.

Pan-India Distribution/ expanded coverage & reach- Excellent warehousing and logistics infra.

structure targeted across India: 32 cities/ locations, we leave no stone unturned in healthcare services.

Feedback about replenishment points: Reduced product expiry and returns.